JJ Jiang   A 2023 workshop will be hosted with nationally acclaimed artist JJ Jiang from Raleigh, NC in May in my studio in Wilmington, NC.  This watercolor workshop will explore various subjects in these mediums.   See his amazing work at https://www.jjjiang.com/jjjiang
Eudes Correia   In November of 2023 a workshop with an internationally known artist, Eudes Correia, will be hosted in my studio in Wilmington, NC.  This watercolor workshop will focus on the figure in a loose watercolor style known by many.  See his work at https://eudescorreia.com/
Margaret Dyer   A 2022 workshop with Margaret Dyer in my studio in Wilmington, NC.  This pastel and oil workshop focused on "the figure in the environment".   Students worked on seeing large shapes and squinting to see value.   See her work at https://margaretdyer.com/
Nancy Nowak   Pastel workshop upcoming in November of 2022 focusing on Buildings, Boats and Folks.  This will be in my studio in Wilmington, NC.  Nancy in an impressionistic pastelist as well as an accomplished oil painter.  See her work at https://www.nancynowak.com/
Alain Picard   Another opportunity with Alain on portraits during 2021.  This one focused on skin types, composition, a pathway to creating a dynamic and realistic portrait.    See his work at http://picardstudio.com
Barbara Jaenicke   A second workshop with Barbara in 2021 working with bringing light into landscapes.  This workshop was held in my studio and included both oil and pastels.  See her work at  http://barbarajaenicke.com
Mary Whyte      In 2017 I took a second opportunity to participate in a portrait workshop with Mary Whyte in Greensboro, NC.  With models available onsite, we were able to see Mary create a portrait study in just a short time and test out our skills with models with her critiques and help.   See her work at www.marywhyte.com
Alain Picard   Spending several days in Charleston is always a pleasure, but to spend it with Alain Picard is exceptional.   During several days in 2017, Alain focused on underpainting and painterly markings with pastel.  Alain is a master in making the right pastel marks with control and efficiency.  See his work at http://picardstudio.com
Albert Handell, PSA   A wonderful five day workshop in 2016,  with a master, Albert Handell,  focusing on oils and pastels. The group enjoyed painting "en plein air" in a park in Greensboro.  Albert paid close attention to each participant and painted along outdoors.  It was a pleasure to meet him and converse a bit in French with a new friend.  It was great to sharpen plein air skills. See his work at https://www.alberthandellstudio.com/
Dawn Emerson, PSA   I had the privilege of taking  a workshop with Dawn Emerson in Matthews, NC, in 2015 and 2017.  These were some of the most inspirational workshops taking the participants “out of the box”, thinking  about composition and using pastels in a totally different manner.  Images emerge from a shapes and color of the background, patterns and shapes. Take time to look at her work at: http://dawnemerson.com
Mel Stabin       I had the opportunity in 2015 I was able to join a group of watercolorists in Aberdeen, NC and  take a special workshop from Mel Stabin.  During this workshop we learned about composition, colors, shapes and values.  It was a great opportunity to paint with new friends and sharpen my skills.
Mary Whyte    One of the most enjoyable weeks of my life was in 1995 or so at Seabrook Island, SC.  I set up my tent at a local campsite, took tennis lessons in the early morning and spent the rest of the day in a workshop with Mary focusing on portraits.   Mary  is one of most well-known and respected artists in the country and her work is amazing.   See her work at  www.marywhyte.com
Karin Isenberg    I was reading an article in Artist Magazine and ran across the beautiful watercolors of Karin Isenburg, a Canadian artist.  I emailed her with a question about underlaying with yellow to create more vibrancy and she responded immediately.  From that point on, she has taken her time to give me critiques and pointers, all of which have  been a great help.  You can enjoy her work at www.karinisenburg.com
Barbara Jaenicke  During a rainy two days at the Art Loft in Dahlonega, GA in 2015 I had a wonderful pastel workshop with Barbara Jaenicke.  Barbara shared invaluable experience in pastels and also in oils.   If you have the opportunity to connect with her in a workshop sometime, I would highly recommend it.  Her home base is now in Oregon.  See her work at  http://barbarajaenicke.com
Bill Ternes  During a 10 year period my wife and I owned a small island in North Eleuthera .  During visits there we discovered an artist Bill Ternes, who frequented the area and offered workshops.  I had the privilege of taking a week of “plein air” painting on Harbour Island with Bill and was enamored with his quick and loose style of watercolors.  Unfortunately Bill passed away in early 2014.  http://harbourislandgallery.com/artists/ternes.htm
Betty Brown  Many years ago, perhaps in 1994 or so, I had the privilege of taking my very first watercolor workshop  with Betty Brown in Wilmington.  It was perhaps the first watercolor experience I had and it was very inspirational.  Since then, I attribute my continued interest in watercolors to her.  You can see Betty’s work at bettybrownartist.com
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