Jay DeChesere, a native of Kentucky, has always been interested in art, however he decided on an architectural curriculum at the University of Kentucky in the 1960’s.  Moving to North Carolina in 1970 he opened his own design firm and later founded a construction company in Wilmington.  The commitment to these businesses put “art” on the back burner for over forty-five years.
It was not until early 2015 that DeChesere began painting in earnest.  His architectural background has been augmented with numerous workshops with internationally known watercolor and pastel artists.  These workshops, coupled with many books and DVD’s, together with his incessant desire to learn and improve his work are the crux of his art training.
Since seriously beginning to paint in late 2015 years he has been juried into over 49 shows, has received 36 awards on local, state, and national levels and has had work selected for four major art publications as well as others locally.  DeChesere has achieved Signature Membership in the Watercolor Society of North Carolina, the Pastel Society of North Carolina and the Piedmont Pastel Society. He currently serves on the board of the Piedmont Pastel Society as treasurer for this organization.
The working space for an artist if very important.  As an architect, Jay has been fortunate to be able to create a comfortable and enjoyable studio space within his home capable of handling a variety of functions.
The painting area is designed so the primary lighting is from the north and from a large skylit atrium above with supplements as needed.
In the studio, there is space for workshops, classes, framing and matting, storage, educational video viewing and a library that can be shared with other artists.  He is currently hosting two workshops each year in pastel, oil and watercolor.  See Hosted Workshops for more information on upcoming workshops.
In the event you wish to purchase artwork and would like to see a piece in person before you do so, there is a gallery in his home that is available by appointment via the Purchase/Contact page.
In addition to originals, there are giclees (prints) available that are in many cases, matted and gallery wrapped ready to go.  Jay welcomes you to contact him and make arrangements to see his work on display in the ground floor gallery and in his second floor studio.
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